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How to use Boob tape


how to boob tape 
You've found that perfect dress for a girls night out. It's super Cute and Sexy! with an intricate back that shows all the hard work you've been putting in the gym. But theirs just one problem. You have no bra that will hold the breast up and not visible in the back. Listen! Boob tape will get the girls right. This is the ultimate guide of how to use Boob tape. 
Once you've mastered these tips and tricks on how to use Boob tape. this will elevate your style and give the girls support no matter the cup size. what is Boob tape? It's  is a medical grade adhesive fabric that is designed to hold the breast up. It's typically made of  95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, and can last up to 8 hours; while giving the perfect amount of cleavage.

If you're not sure how to safely use Boob tape then this guides for you. 

It is important to us that you use our Boobmerch tape properly. for most affective wear pleas follow these guidelines.
Do not use if you have very sensitive skin
Do not use for more than 8 hours
Do not use under extreme temperature doing so the glue may cause burns or blisters and melt.

Do a small test patch. Cut a small piece and apply to clean dry skin for a couple of hours to ensure theirs no reaction. 
Don't apply boob tape over broken, damaged, or sun-burnt skin, as this can be very sensitive.
Ladies theirs no perfect application. 
we advised to cover the nipples. You can cut out a piece of the tape and apply over the nipples or us our pasties. These can be found on our website.
Nipple Covers
Make sure the skin is free of lotions and oils for best application make sure your skin is completely dry. 
   you should measure the size and cut the tape to avoid any inconvenience.
 they're  many ways to apply the tape. The chart below show all the different ways you can wear the tape. Ladies get creative
Different styles to apply boob tape

Boob tape Support all Cup Sizes. Our babe wears Cup size DD and she's opt in for a plunging neckline.

Strapless Tops with no backs

bandeau style boob tape

Think of a bandeau Bra. You can recreate the look with boob tape. Minus the bra sliding down throughout your day. Start your application by  measuring across your chest with your desired tape size. We would recommend cutting at least three pieces or more depending on your bust size. Gently holding your breast close together to create your desired cleavage. Apply each strip over your breast. The finish look should be like a bandeau bra without the back.


Plunging neck lines  

plunging neckline tape

For a V cut or plunging neck line, boob tape can be a great option, to create the perfect perky hold. Get an instant lift by taping from the bottom of your bust area. Gently pull the tape from the bust towards the upper side, and go over your nipple and continue onwards towards your shoulders. Once you've apply a couple of strip going in this direction you should be good and solid.

Rub the boob tape down to ensure it is properly secure. 
Make sure not to lift off the tape too much as you will not be able to re-stick it to your skin!

For more ways to wear Boob tape Check out the Video below. 


All the different cut and styles to wear your tape! 

Removal of Boob tape 
For removal you're going to need some baby oil or coconut oil. Any oil to your liking. you will saturate the tape and breast.
Leave the oil on for about 10 min and gentle peel away. It's best to do this before showering it can get messy.
As it can rip your skin off and we don't want that.
Some ladies think wetting the tape will get it off faster, that is not the case. This tape is made to be waterproof and sweat proof. Use oils!
Check out this babe removing her Boob tape.
Now that we have covered all the basics, you can shop our selection of Boob Tapes. we have three shades to choose from. Black, Beige, and Brown. Happy Shopping babes.



Xoxo Boobmerch team  


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